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Berryville Avenue Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to bringing top-notch services to the Winchester area. We offer the full range of veterinary services that you would expect - wellness exams, vaccinations, spays and neuters, declaws, and so forth - but we also offer services that you may not have considered.


We also offer Wellness Plans that combine the various standard services such as examinations, vaccinations and screenings to provide for preventative care at a lower cost.



Laser Surgery
Laser surgery provides for reduced pain and bleeding than conventional surgery. It has many applications - cat declaws, dog spays and neuters, mass removal, and others - and techniques or technologies that make your pet's recovery easier are well worth utilizing.

Berryville Avenue Veterinary Clinic is the first clinic in Winchester to offer laser surgery services. Dr. Pfouts has had a great deal of experience with the laser and has well-versed the staff on assisting her with this new and powerful tool.


Blood Pressure Monitoring & ECG Traces
High blood Pressure? Heart problems? Pets can suffer many of the same problems as we humans and, as with us, these problems can go undetected and lead to more serious problems down the road.

Berryville Avenue Veterinary Clinic now does blood pressure monitoring and ECG traces to look for maladies that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Ultrasound is a useful tool which provides a live peek into the animal, showing the condition of many of the internal organs that can be missed by a standard physical examinations or X-rays.

Our clinic has ultrasound equipment on-site. Understanding the information that an ultrasound displays is as much an art as it is a science, and Dr. Pfouts has experience interpreting that information. We use ultrasound to do basic ultrasonography, and will refer if the case warrants.


HomeAgain Microchip
HomeAgain microchips allow lost pets to be identified and reunited with their loving families. The HomeAgain microchip is implanted beneath the skin of your pet. Using a unique code that can be read by a special scanner at virtually any animal hospital, animal center, or humane society, your pet can be quickly identified. The chip uses no power sources and will last the life of your pet.


In-House Laboratories and X-Rays
Discovering what ails your pet requires the right facilities, and issues can be treated more rapidly when we can do diagnostics on-site.

We have the equipment and facilities to do a large amount of diagnostics here at the clinic, however, if diagnostics or referrals are required, we'll do what is necessary to get these services for you.




Online Services
Berryville Avenue Veterinary works with VetCentric/VetStoreRx to provide online ordering of your prescriptions. Please go here to learn more or contact us to learn how to register.


CareCredit Payment Service
Berryville Avenue Veterinary Clinic requests that payment is made at the time of service. We accept the usual forms of payment - cash, check, and major credit card. We now offer CareCredit, a credit service used in veterinary and some human medical practices.

CareCredit offers instant credit application and low- and no-interest payment options based on the amount of the approved credit line. Please go here to learn more.








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